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#Exciter is the omni-channel campaign we created for Antony Morato. They asked us to promote their first Limited Edition collection, which was inspired by Military Fashion and Urban Arts.

Performer Felix Mathias Ott wears a military camouflage jacket and cargo trousers in Antony Morato Exciter campaignOutdoor campaign layout designed by hueman for Antony Morato Exciter Limited Edition collectionAffiliation book editorial design for Antony Morato Exciter Limited Edition CollectionShop Window Design for Antony Morato Exciter Limited Edition CollectionRetail tools design for Antony Morato Exciter collectionAntony Morato Exciter Limited Edition Collection 01Felix Mathias Ott sitting in front of a grunge wall during Antony Morato Exciter campaign shootingFelix Matias Ott wears a Oversize coat and painted denim trousers while dancing in Exciter, Antony Morato Limited Edition Collection Campaign

About the project

The campaign concept was inspired by product design, with its mix of Urban Arts and Military Style. To this intent we identified Excitement as an intersection between Art and War, and described an emotional climax to represent the brand as a personality booster. As a consequence, the campaign development was conceived as a brand explosion, with the Company igniting a viral process which involved influencers at first and then their communities. We were responsible for the communication strategy and managed an omni-channel system, aligning the brand digital and physical scenarios.

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